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Please help with advice on Bathroom remodel...

8 years ago

Hi. We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel. It's a master bath, although not huge. 9 1/2' x 10'. We are going for either a transitional style or traditional style, as we live in a 1928 Spanish style home. So while I want updated features, modern won't work with the overall look of the house. It's been torn down to the studs. My husband reworked all the old plumbing (yes, he knows what he's doing) and the subflooring is in. The shower is 48" x 40". And we'll have just enough room for a 48" vanity next to it. We will be installing a claw foot tub and Toto toilet on the other side of the room. We're working on framing the shower and I'm suddenly wondering if we should change the plan. We're keeping in mind the "aging in place" concept to make some accommodations for our older years. So we planned to install a 13" built in bench seat in the shower. But I'm concerned that's making the floor space of the shower too tight. Should we nix the idea of a built in bench and do a corner seat? are those even comfortable to sit on? if so, how big should it be? Also wondering if it's worth it to spend over $1500 on a Schicker frameless shower enclosure, since we are not going with clear glass? I mean if we're getting privacy glass, should we just get a regular door? And the ceiling is 8 ft high, do we tile all the way overhead? Anyone have experience with putting a sky tunnel in a shower? We're debating whether to do a sky tunnel or recessed light (rated for moisture) in the shower. We thought we had all the details worked out, but now that we're putting it all back together, we're second guessing ourselves on whether to change things... I appreciate any guidance or advice.

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