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Braided Money Tree - One Trunk Wrinkled and Soft - HELP!

I got my money tree about three months ago. It has 6 trunks which are braided. Within the past couple of weeks I noticed that one of the trunks appears wrinkled and soft to the touch. It is rotting right? I water it every couple weeks, however the soil never seems to be dry. Therefore I've come to the conclusion that I have been over-watering it. Also, I have a layer of rocks sitting on top of the soil. Could this have prevented the water from evaporating properly? The other five arms of the tree seem healthy and are not soft. All the leaves look healthy and green. What should I do about the wrinkly (presumably rotting) arm? Will it spread to the other arms of the trunk? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Please help me save Petrie (yes I named it)!

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