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Tell me about your Red Climbers

I am working on the front landscape being a mainly Red/Burgundy/Berry/Maroon/Plum color palette (among a lot of greenery of course) and I have several areas that I'd like to put climbers on. Looking for NON orangey reds. Good rebloom. Non-Fading. And I'd love help with which rose to place in which location. Here's wha tI'm considering ordering:


-Red Eden (already have this)

-Don Juan (already have this)




-Dublin Bay

-Cl Crimson Glory


-A Wooden Garden Arch

-An exterior wall of the house covered in stone facade with a window. Gets sun for a few hours a day and very bright shade the rest of the day. Could probably put something here that isn't as heat tolerant.

-A long metal fence by the sidewalk. It is maybe 4 feet tall. Could take one or two roses of the same or different varieties. Open to suggestions...This area gets a lot of sun so I need something that won't fry in the heat.

-A couple wooden fences that are between 6-7 ft tall.

I've attached a photo of the front yard. The photo below is borrowed from thegracefulgardener (such inspiring photos there!) but her rock facade is very similar to ours.

Excited to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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