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Christmas cactus outside?

8 years ago

I'm notorious for being able to kill off houseplants! (Which is really bizarre, because my green thumb OUTDOORS is legendary!) So I've somehow managed to buck the usual trend, and I now have a Christmas cactus I was given four years ago that's done great...INDOORS! But the poor thing looks rather uncomfortable now in its cute little red planter, with the Santa saying on it. So I'm thinking about transplanting it outside.

Any suggestions on where it would do best? I have a covered, shaded patio, and since the plant has been indoors all this time I was thinking about putting it in a big planter there. But, on the other hand, it does have 'cactus' in its name, so it should be good anywhere, right? (Note that I'm in [the recently sizzling way too much] Arcadia, and our 'winters' can involve 100+ temps; at its coldest it CAN get down at night into the 40s.)

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