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Philadelphia Pre-Pope Week (#6)

Carrie B
8 years ago

Last week was week #5, despite my title describing it as #4.

Four guys were here all day. It's been a day of trim (interior & exterior window/door), trim priming, and crown molding. Crown won't be completely finished today (the top, ornamental part isn't installed) but it's starting to come together.

Fabricators are coming for template tomorrow, as is the KD, since I went through her for my quartz. Also, electrician's helper is supposed to be here tomorrow. Electrician's helper was supposed to be here today, too, but he wasn't... GC texted lead electrician (who is on vacation) to find out what's up. Electrician, apparently, was surprised that his guy didn't show, so we'll see what happens tomorrow. It would be really nice to get the electricity working so the fridge could get out of the the LR & I could give away my old microwave.

Contractor & his guys will be gone for another week after today - they're juggling a couple other jobs, but it also makes sense to stay out of the way tomorrow, assuming both template folks and electrician are here. Also, it's the beginning of Pope-mageddon (aka Popeocalypse) and already things are getting crazy - streets blocked off, large trucks delivering porta-potties, etc. Now that the end is in sight, though, I really, really want people here working.

Fishcow (et al) - contractor showed up with Redgard for the shower. I did a few searches using keywords combos including: "Gardenweb, wonderboard, shower, Redgard" and all I saw seem to indicate we're heading in the right direction for sound waterproofing.

Over the weekend, I pulled my little dishwasher out of its spot and put it on its side (as per manual) to raise the feet. It worked! I raised them most of the way up - they can probably still go up another 1/4 inch or so. When contractor arrived, he said that DW height was "just about right" the way I had it. *whew*

Hardware is on except for one of the sink base cabinets - I decided to go with the medium size and had only one sample here, the other is on order & will arrive by next week.

Oh, and contractor said I could put stuff in all the uppers & in the pantry cabinet. Yay!

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