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Moving Your Plants Indoors? Grow with lights!

8 years ago

Disclaimer: Some of you are far too deep into the dreaded 'Adenium sickness' and may not have the space to contain this many Adenium in your home. You have two possible solutions.

1) Rent the SuperDome

2) Send your Adenium to me.

growing with lights!

those not accustomed to growing indoors: If you keep water and
fertilizer levels right, you should only have leaf drop when you
bring your plants in, or when there is a problem. Otherwise, your
leaves will stay on virtually forever.

your plant blooms, it may well bloom like crazy, and the flowers will
last a long time without the harshness of the sun and weather. We
want pictures!

are many different types of lighting solutions available for growing
indoors; we'll only be discussing the two I believe are superior for
our needs and the two I have tested over the past two years: LED's
and florescent.


use very little power, and when they are used in grow lights, are 'tuned' to the correct color
spectrum to make plants grow and/or flower. High quality LED's are still
somewhat expensive compared to florescent.

of LED's in Panels

quality 12” X 12” 'bank' of LED's with a mix of red and blue
LED's should be $100-150. I use two GlowPanel 45's which can still be
found for $149 new, although I got both of mine on eBay for $99, they are very popular now and are even $149 on eBay. I overwintered my Adeniums with these and saw more blooms than
I had ever received outside. Many more. Another thing: your leaves
will turn a deeper green than you ever imagined. I believe the LED
colors spectrum is so perfect that the plant goes into 'overdrive'.

for Standard bulb socket

LED bulbs can be screwed into a standard socket, and are relatively
inexpensive. They usually contain 6-10 LED's and have a somewhat
limited effective coverage area when compared to the large banks,
which is obvious. (A quick count of the GlowPanel LED's gave me 112).
These bulbs can be found for as little as $20, and the only
additional cost is a standard socket with cord.


bought two “shop light” florescent fixtures from Home Depot and
ran these alone in a test last winter. These fixtures each hold four
bulbs for a total of eight bulbs. My Adeniums did not grow as quickly
or bloom as much under this light. It will keep your plants growing,
but not 'overdrive' mode like LED's. One shop light can be purchased
for $49 and a 10 pack of bulbs will run another $34.

about indoor grows and the different lights

I have a timer, but I always wind up setting mine to 24 hours on.
Always. I have never seen a bad response.

2) If you keep your growing area warm,
and the plants are actively growing, you will still need plenty of
water and you should still fertilize. If you use gas or another 'dry' heat, pay special attention to them.

3) Keep the lights as close to the top
of your plants as possible without burning. LED's are usually cool
enough for 2”, while florescent are variable depending on size and

4) In keeping with #3, you will want the ability to raise and lower your lights. There are special devices made for this purpose, or you can create your own.

5) If you use florescent, you need to
purchase 6500K bulbs. These are considered 'daylight'.

6) Protect surfaces from water damage:
Drip pans for all pots, protection on walls from overspray, etc. Even
if you don't think it will ever get wet. Trust me, it will.

7) Choose your grow area well. A long
area along a wall can be perfect. Just remember that you will need
to access each of these plants for several months, so having them
'four deep' on the wall will make it impossible to water. Obviously, your light must also be able to cover whatever area you choose. If you can,
leave some space for getting down on your knees and tending your
plants. You'll thank yourself later. (and we also want it to be easy
for you to take all of those pictures!!)

8) LED lighting is the superior indoor
growing light, with somewhat higher initial cost.

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