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Aloe vera isn't growing. Am I underwatering it?

7 years ago

I've had an aloe plant for about 3-4 years maybe and it's not growing much. I've had other succulents that grew out of their pots in one summer and multiplied like crazy! I'm not sure what kind this is, it doesn't look like some pictures. It's got long, thing limbs and kind of wispy and spidery like. There's only 9 right now on it and the longest are about a foot. It's a good green color and is in a very sunny window, but it just doesn't seem to grow at all. I've potted it in a small pot, because a nursery said it should be root bound to grow, then potted it in a slightly larger pot so it doesn't get top heavy. Is that wrong? I don't water it much. I am not sure how often but a few times a month maybe. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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