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Can I help my aloe vera grow?

12 years ago

I have had my aloe vera for probably a year and a half now. I'm very proud of this plant because it's the first one I was ever able to intentionally keep alive! I'm wondering if there is any way I can help it grow? It seems kind of small still. For a while I was having trouble, its leaves were getting soft and I eventually found out that it was because I was watering not NEARLY enough, so now it is content to have a drink about once a week when the soil is completely dry. The leaves are very plump and firm and there's new a new spike/leaf (I'm not exactly sure what it's classified as) every couple of weeks. I have only repotted once and wonder if the size is appropriate? It is terra cotta with plenty of drainage.

Also, from the pictures you can see some darkness on a few leaves. It happened after I put it outside for a few hours a few days in a row, is this just normal tanning? It's been there for a few months and doesn't seem to hurt it at all, but it hasn't turned back green though it's been moved inside.

Is it normal for it to grow kind of crooked like this? I have tried packing one side up with a little extra soil to help it stand up, but it seems to like to grow kind of bent over.

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