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In need of help sizing mini split air conditioners

David Smith
8 years ago

Hi folks,

I live in Barbados. I am currently in the process of building a house and am planning to cool the majority of the space using mini splits. Only large companies and extremely wealthy people here can afford to install and run central AC. I had several companies look at my requirements and have provided me with quotes for wildly differing numbers and sizes of AC units, without any explanation of how they came by their recommendatins. I have no way of knowing whose estimate is most reliable.

I am providing a link to a pdf with the house plan and locations and sizes of the mini splits on the walls HERE.

I will include some additional background information that may be helpful.

  1. All the walls of the house are uninsulated, plastered concrete block. The roof is standing seam metal on perlings that are attached to concrete slabs. The house does however make extensive use of pergolas on the eastern and western sizes for passive shading.

  2. Apart from the dimensions on the plan, the ceiling heights are all 9 ft.

  3. The temperature fluctuates between 65 degrees fahrenheit the coldest night in January and 90 the hottest day in September, but generally averages around 85.

  4. I would like to keep the temperature of the occupied spaces around 72-77, but only while they are occupied. I will not be running the units more than I have to as my electric bill would be far too high.

My primary concern is the lowest possible power consumption while maintaining a comfortable temperature and reducing the humidity level inside the house (Barbados is VERY humid). Can someone who understands these things please recommend for me appropriate sizes for the units shown on the plan?

Thank you very much.


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