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Ductless Mini-split air conditioning

17 years ago

I am looking to purchase a central air condition system for my house. In my research, I came across an interesting system called City Multi by Mitsubishi. Does anyone out there know anything about this system?

From what I've learned about this system is that it is a ductless system that can handle up to 16 evaporators and could put out 72000 to 100000 btus, depending on the model series. It also has many beneficial features over the (whole house) split systems.

I contacted several Mitsubishi contractors but they couldn't give me anymore information about these systems, other than what I already knew. They couldn't even give me any ball-park pricing. I then called Mitsubishi corporate HQs and talked to their technical staff. They told me that this system is normally used for commercial applications but could also be used for residential as well. It is expensive. So before I spend the money, I would like to know if anyone out there has any experience with the City Multi system, especially the S-series. I am interested to know the cost, how well it works and if there are any problems that it may have.

Thank for your help.

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