Where to place praying mantis egg casings?

I googled this last year and nothing helpful came up. Last year the mantis built casings in some strange places. In one case two moms had six cases in one daylily attached to the foliage. I was unable to cut back many daylilies until close to winter because the moms would not leave the plants. When they finally left i was left with a dilemma. What to do with them. Daylilies for one thing into a gooey mess during winter. Would this be safe for the casings. Fortunately rose bushes don't turn to mush. But when it was time to prune it did not appear as thou the mantis eggs had hatched yet. I could have been wrong about that. So where is a safe spot to place them? Anyone have ideas?

I just had to remove a fence that had a fresh casing. I cut out the section holding it. Wired it to a piece of rebar and placed by tall evergreen bushes. Good or not?

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