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Tape or other adhesive for Flor carpet tiles?

8 years ago

We have approximately 70 Flor tiles that have served us well over the last 5 years -- we've moved with them 3 times, and it's been great that they have adapted to whatever shape our new living room has in each new house. Unfortunately, those stupid Flordots cost a fortune to buy every time we move. You can't use the old ones, because they are sufficiently sticky enough. And, as a million hits online will tell you, you need to put twice as many stickers on each tile as the store advises - which means we're looking at $50-$60 just for new Flordots. Ridiculous.

Has anyone just used gorilla tape or something similar to keep their tiles together? Seems like this would solve two problems: cheaper than the Flordots, plus less likely to come apart over time. What about damage to the hardwood floor underneath? Any other suggestions?

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