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Your thoughts on choosing the best gate?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Our pool at the beachhouse is finally slated for construction. We are "painting it" tomorrow on the grass, and they will start digging the day after Labor Day. This dang thing has taken forever, first because of neighbors (who, after months and months. we ended up doing a land swap with and so it was a good thing), then the town (9 weeks to approve a pool permit, people?) and then my level headed GC who told me to wait until summer was over rather then spend the summer under construction and annoy everyone.

So, I am going to fence in the pool rather than the whole yard. The fence will be split rail cedar, for a few reasons. One, we have old lichen-covered walls and beach roses and wild flowers, so the lot has a kind of Martha's Vineyard rustic feel that we are maintaining. The fence works with that. Two, our neighbors have a split rail cedar fence. Here is what that fence looks like at the rear corner of our property; it has aged to silver. Because of the pool, it will also have a very dark green or black mesh, which disappears.

The fence needs a gate, and the gate is important. It will define the pool are as distinct from the three main areas of the lawn, the first being the open lawn where we play games, the second being the pool, nestled in among the lichen covered stone walls, and the last section is the oceanfront, where we have a bit of meadow, and then a firepit and seating.

When you drive up to the house (a circular gravel drive that goes around it), to your right will be wide steps up to our verandah and front door. To your left will be open lawn, then the gated pool area, and then the ocean. So this gate will frame the view of the water to some extent, as you arrive, but also certainly as you enter the pool area.

It it not easy to find images of gates used with a split rail cedar fence. And those that I find look like "Welcome to Double R ranch, pard'ner".

I really like moongates, and I like how it would frame the ocean. Is that too fancy? Too Asian? How would you have the gate meet up with or die into the fence? Do you like a rounded top or a sort of pagoda-y horizontal piece across the top? Single, right? Double is too much for a stone path to the pool. The house is a 1900ish Dutch Colonial with (grey) cedar shake.

Any of these seem right?

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