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Is there a right way to do a crawl space?

8 years ago

Its been awhile but in 2004 when I was building I tried finding info on this and didn't get very far.. Ended up with a basement.

Here years later I'm contemplating, reluctantly, building again. I know I don't want a slab I've been living on one and its killing my back. But I could be in an area with water table problems and am thinking I would be fine with a crawl space. I'm older and don't want to go up and down stairs anyway so washer/dryer upstairs is great. Storage in the garage or spare bedroom. Maybe a Cape Cod for an upstairs "basement", with main floor living (single, will be retired).

My impression of crawl spaces however is not that great. Damp coming up through the floor, freezing pipes.

There has to be a way to do it right? Is my impression from poorly done crawl spaces?

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