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Reseeding Plan - glyphosate or not?

8 years ago

I've got 1000 sf on the west side of the house that never really came in right due to improper initial seeding/watering and has struggled for the 2 years it has been there. My front lawn is KBG sod and the back and side was a contractor's mix, including KBG. I have no idea what percentage of the back is now KBG, but there are some shady areas on that north side of the house. In general it looks great except for this 1000 sf section that meets up with the sod on the west side. My plan was to seed with 100% KBG and see whether there is enough sunlight for it to do well. If not, I could always overseed next fall with more shade tolerant grasses. I do think it has enough sunlight to do OK, though.

I'd like to get some pointers on reseeding the area. I've read all the other threads on fall seeding, so I know the routine, but I want to get the best result, frankly, with the least effort. If I don't have to lay down topsoil or peat moss I won't. Of course if that gives a better result then I'm happy to do it. I've used peat moss in the past but I bought a water timer just for this purpose, so keeping the area moist won't be a problem.

1) Is seems attractive to put down a thin layer of topsoil, drop the seed onto it, rake in lightly and tamp down (how deep can KBG be planted safely?). My alternative is to rough up the existing soil surface (in and around scalped lawn) and just drop the seed and tamp down. My goal is to assure a good contact with soil. Or, I could just drop it onto the moist soil as is and kind of pound it in. I think dchall likes that method.

2) I wasn't going to bother killing off the existing grass. I know KBG takes longer to germinate and I didn't want to lose too much time. I did read from morpheus that I can glyphosate and lay seed in the same weekend if necessary. Some of this 1000 sf is not too bad, and maybe can get by with filling holes left from crabgrass last year. The front part is the worst, and had lots of weeds, probably poa included. Maybe I can just glyphosate the front section and just scalp the better areas and then whatever grass comes back... good for it.

So maybe this isn't my most logically presented post... must have something to do with dinner simmering on the stove downstairs. Anyway, my main interest is in what I need to do to get good soil contact in a scalped lawn without wasting time. I do have glyphosate and prodiamine to be used at my disposal. OK, last question... If it is best to do a gly kill and then rewater and rekill, how long can I wait before I need to get the seed down here in zone 6 NJ?

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