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Error 1009 when playing a game

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

My mother has been getting the 1009 error message which started yesterday (she's had the computer for a month). Today she emailed me this: Action script error has occurred---type error 1009. Then when I went into the game, in the middle it said
Warning Debug Flash Player detected.

Yesterday this is the message I got when I tried to duplicate her error: An ActionScript error has occurred. Type Error #1009. Cannot access a property or method or a null object reference at flash eternal: External Interface$/_calln0 at /function/<anonymous>0

She was playing a free poker game both times these error messages appeared. The ASUS laptop is new to her with 8.1. I tried to search on the error 1009 and obviously it has to do with Adobe Flash but didn't find what should be done to get rid of this. Perhaps her Flash is not updated. I can try TeamViewer to get into her computer remotely and uninstall Flash and reinstall. Do you think that is the way to go? Thanks.

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