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I've got to buy a new crockpot - HELP!

7 years ago

I know this isn't the cookware forum, but y'all recommended the perfect blender for me years ago and I really trust your advice.

My poor crockpot still works, but the handles have broken off twice and DH had to glue them back on, then the control knob broke into too many pieces for him to glue. (I Used pliers to turn it on today!)

It is one of the round Rival crockpots and I want a larger oval one. I don't know the best brand to buy. Rival hasn't thrilled me, but it's worked.

I don't want to spend a great amount, under $100.00 or less if possible, to get a good one. (Don't want DH to have a stroke at the sticker shock)

I would REALLY appreciate your advice.



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