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Advice on basement flooring over asbestos tile; vinyl planks?

8 years ago

We are remodeling a family room in the basement of our 1910 home. Our contractor doesn't do flooring and after some unanticipated waterproofing expenses, looking at possibly DIYing our floor to save money.

Currently we have asbestos tiles in the approx 300 sq ft we are finishing and we were advised to leave them as undisturbed as possible. We'll pull up any loose ones and leave the rest.

What sort of prep to the existing floor would we need if installing vinyl planks over the top? Would a self-leveling compound be enough? Do we need some other sort of underlayment? We shouldn't be having any water issues now (and actually never had any in the room we are finishing but needed to address the water issue elsewhere) but like any basement, it can be damp at times.

Would vinyl planks be a good option for a basement? Some of the wood-look ones seem really nice and the price is comparable to any of the sheet vinyls I would want.

Appreciate any advice on prepping the floor and installation of vinyl planks.

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