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Vinyl Plank vs Tile Plank vs Vinyl Tile Plank vs Laminate

Hope Horwitz
7 years ago

Hi! We're redoing the floors in our entire living space.... kitchen, dining room, living room.... by the front door and the back door. We are remodeling and so this area will become one big great room. The contractor was "pushing" tile plank b/c it is indestructible and it can look like wood but I'm not sold on it. He isn't in love with laminate b/c if you need to repair it, it can be costly as you have to take up so many pieces. He just called and suggested 2 more.... a vinyl tile or a vinyl plank. Can anyone offer any thoughts on which could be best or what experiences you've had with these choices? (We have 2 young children and will be getting a dog in the next year or two.) THANK YOU!

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