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Do you have any good packing-to-move tips?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

It's been years since I've taken on a move of the magnitude of this one. Oh, we aren't moving a great distance, but have a house full even after a massive decluttering effort. We've just started but I already feel a bit overwhelmed. Yesterday and today we packed decor, mostly breakables, and went through about 300 feet of bubble wrap. I can't bear the thought of my treasures being jostled and arriving at our new home broken -- even though we wil take the boxes in our vehicles ourselves and not entrust them to the movers. They'll do the heavy lifting with the furniture. I told DH today that I realize I'm wrapping items securely enough to SHIP them, when all we need to do is DRIVE them about 15 miles. I can't seem to stop overdoing it though.

Now I'm going from room to room looking at all that's yet to be done. So many large pieces of artwork. How does one transport them without damaging them? I've helped friends move, and they just stacked their framed pictures in the trunk of their car. I can't bring myself to let my things rub and jostle like that, so again - I'll probably overcompensate.

I'm really tired and starting to ramble, but would love to know your packing tips. I always learn new things here ... I'm sure some of you can teach me a few tricks to make this process a bit more efficient. Surely?

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