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we are moving, any packing tips??

15 years ago

I am hoping this is the right forum to post on. We have lived in our house for 11 yrs and have just bought 74 acres out of town. The property has a pool, tennis court and a house that has been started, which we will continue to build. We are moving onsite next to the house to be, and will be living in a big shed and temporary "dongas" that the current owners are in, whilst we owner build our house.

We will be using one of the onsite rooms for storage and I am having a hard time even starting the big pack as I am not sure what to pack and store and what to pack to use in the new accomodation. We will be living very sparsely as I don't want to say unpack the entire kitchen contents etc. So any packing tips for me? I am thinking of having one container for each childs personal things for their cupboards, that is as far as I have got!! We have so much stuff, that I will be sorting and throwing, charity etc but my poor hubby says, we haven't hardly got ANY stuff. Umm rose coloured glasses anyone?

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