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Upstairs bath - Option A or B? how important is en-suite?

Am E
8 years ago

The following question might be really stupid (I‘m pretty
sure it is), but I’m polling the crowd anyway in hopes of getting some opinions.

The upstairs of our planned house has 2 bedrooms, a
bathroom, and a small loft area.

Option A - as drawn, like so:

We will be staying in that upstairs bedroom (on the left). The ground
floor has a “master suite”, but we’re planning to use it as an office for the foreseeable
future. However, the bathroom upstairs is not en-suite. I currently live
without an en suite bathroom, and l am not suffering. However, if I could have
everything I want, I would have an en-suite bathroom. Keep in mind, that bathroom also needs to be
available to guests as well. (2.5 baths total in house). Thus:

Option B – something like this? Can it be en-suite and shared

This is probably trying too hard. I’ve seen plans with
bathrooms that have two doors that allow this sort of shared arrangement, but I’m
not sure it can be made to work in our house, or is worth the trouble it
creates. I don’t want to give up the
loft space, or add another bathroom. I
also don’t care for giant bathrooms, so the small-ish size is not a problem. The downstairs bath has a double vanity, I don't care that this upstairs bath is smaller and has a single vanity.

Option A uses space much better.

Option B calls for 2 pocket doors (which I don’t like), and
chops up the space, while also using more of it. Getting furniture in and out
of that bedroom will be difficult.

I really want an en-suite bath, but I can’t have everything
I want in a house. I’m incredibly
excited about getting to build and live in this new house, and I may need to
just let it go. (Just trying to convince myself here).

What say you? What trade-offs would you make?

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