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Top of tomato plant is wilting after watering with Epsomsalt

9 years ago

I had read on the internet that magnesium is a good nutrition for cucumber plants.

I've got a pretty small garden, so my tomato plants and cucumber plants are next to each other.

I bought some kind of a Epsom salt at a local shop in my city(I live in the Netherlands) which contains Magnesium, although it's meant for humans. Apparently it helps to relax the muscles.

I've dissolved the salt in water and watered yesterdat the plants from above with it.

Today I woke up and saw the leaves on the top of my tomato plants wilting and a bit brown. Is this bad? Will it recover? The plants already have some little green tomatoes growing.

I'll add some photos.

TL;DR: Watered my tomato plants from above with Epsom salt, leaves on the top started wilting.

Thanks for reading!

If you need more photos, just ask!

I don't know if I posted this in the right section.

This is also my first time that I've planted tomatos in my garden, I think I've made a mistake by planting too much tomato plants next to each other with little space. And I shouldn't water them from above.


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