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Roses that have performed well in my hot dry climate

9 years ago

I can only comment on fragrant varieties as I choose roses with my nose, but these roses have done very well even with our scorching summer heat 100-120 F, low humidity (<20%), virtually no rainfall in summer months, and water restrictions twice a week only. I love cutting my roses and bring them indoors so that helps to prolong their lives in the heat. By cutting the blooms it also reduces the plants' need for water on very hot days, so it's a win-win. My soil is alkaline sand and I amend before I plant. The soil is dramatically improved with organic matters, Bentonite clay, soil wetting agent, iron sulfate, and neutralised with sulfuric acid. My water is pH 9 so I need to continue to acidify the soil by mulching with fresh garden trimmings. Organic acids are produced when these materials break down. The mulch also conserves a lot of moisture and keeps the roots relatively cool. I only buy roses on fortuniana rootstock as these cope best in dry sandy soils.

The winners for me are:

The dark red Firefighter, peach HT New Zealand, white PJP II, bright red Kardinal.

The old fashioned looking Addictive Lure is a young plant so too early to comment, and it is not available in the US market.

The pink one here is Yves Piaget, it is not the happiest in high heat. But once the weather cools down a bit it performs very well and the flowers are extremely slow to unfurl on the bush - taking two weeks to go from tight bud to the one in the photo. Wonderful to look at in the garden and in the vase alike.

Other HTs that have done well are:

Double Delight

Perfume Delight - this one shrugs off the heat

Frederic mistral

Barbra Streisand

Memorial Day


and Papa Meilland

Many Austins have thin petals and would fry in no time in the heat, but a few good ones are:


Happy Child

and Jude the Obscure, but my Jude is still young so I need more time to assess.

The shrubs that do very well are:

Sonia Rykiel and Augusta Luise.

Looks like I have included too many photos in this post already and it would not allow me to attach photos of JtO, SR and AL, but you can find them on other posts if you are interested.

I hope that was helpful, Mustbnuts. :)

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