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What grass is best for Durham, NC?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I planted fescue last fall, and it looked great this spring. Then, it got hot, and much of the fescue died.

My soil is in pretty bad shape. There's not much organic matter; I'm planning on adding some, though. The soil is hard, as well.

I'd like a grass that I can seed, and that doesn't take much water once it's established. We have lots of mulched areas, so something that is not too invasive is preferable. However, we can add a barrier around the mulched areas if we need to.

I've heard some people say to stay away from centipede grass. Two neighbors have it, though. One of their lawns is doing well. The other is surviving; it was doing well until a few weeks ago. The owner thinks it's a chemical problem.

My yard is full-sun.

All this is to say, I'd like a low-maintenance lawn. I value that more than having a beautiful lawn. What would you recommend planting?

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