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Tomato plant - leaves yellow pale green. Some mixed with purple!

8 years ago

Hi! I planted a new garden a few weeks ago. The plants were seedlings and looked great. Now weeks later they are lake green and yellow. Some with odd hints of purple! It's a large raised bed in the ground. Dirt I had delivered purposely for this garden. I added a small amount of Epsom salt to each hole before planting. Heard raves so figured I'd try it. Also mixed in black cow compost manure and peatmoss/space in to the soil. It hasn't rained at all since they've been in the ground. I've done my best to keep wet. Maybe the soil is lacking in nutrients? I figured it was brand new so it would have something good going for it. Here are some pics. All from different plants. Eggplants and squash odd in color also.

Will take more if needed. It's actually raining out now so if I need to do anything I'm ready! Help!!! Thanks.

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