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tomato plant leaves turning yellow/purple

9 years ago

Hi there,

This is my first year at attempting a vegetable garden, everything has been going great up until about 2 weeks ago when I noticed the leaves turning yellow on 2 of my tomatoes plants. I've got 2 Roma plants and 1 beef steak, and it appears to be happening to the Roma plants. The one plant also appears to have a purplish colour on the leaves and stems, this plant is in a 15 gallon rubbermaid bin with the beef steak plant which is doing fine. I thought maybe it was a problem with pests or fungus but I sprayed a 3 in 1 organic spray and it doesn't seem to be helping. There is still lots of fruit on the plants which still look healthy. I planted them with miracle grow moisture control soil that had slow release fertilizer and mixed in mushroom compost. I'm really at a loss, because again the beef steak tomato plant in the same container is perfectly healthy.

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