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Yellow leaves on my tomato plant?!

12 years ago

My husband and I have "tried" gardening a few times before and sadly we have failed in the past. So this time we decided we were going to do our best and really try to get some nice veggies to grow.

We bought some tomato plants that were beautiful. I recently transplanted them (using a mix of organic potting soil and black cow) and now I am getting yellow leaves in the middle of the plant and down. This has been in the past few days.

I used some fresh chicken manure mixed in to all of the soil which I read today was not a great idea because it can burn the leaves. I also water at night which I read was also not good. I water daily but I read it was best to water in the mornings. Is that true?

We put peat moss on our plants today since when we checked the PH it was at an 8 and we read that putting peat moss down would help it not be so high in alkaline. We are really just confused and losts as to what to do.

Have I ruined my plants? What should I do? And what tips can you give me to help our plants? Also how much direct sunlight should they be getting?


*Can you tell I'm new by all the questions! ;)

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