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Bermuda lawn: Please help improve

7 years ago

We moved into the new house in Atlanta last winter immediately after the severe snow fall. The builder would not fix the lawn as it is not covered under warranty. Being the first house we are not sure what shoud I be doing with this.

I engaged reputable lawn care company and it appears to be of no use. I applied weed control, scotts fertilizers as suggested in various forums, but of no use.

The grass is Bermuda tuft419 as per the builder

My issues:

1. I see bald patches at several places.

2.Weed ( similar to fescue grass, long) all in my backyard.

3. flat/uneven ground.

What I did so far:

1. Have been mowing every week though I do not have much lawn. When it is dry, mowing of lawn is like mowing the dirt and off no use.

2. Contacted a local lawn vendor for quote for replacing the whole sod, was told it would cost thousands of dollars.

3. He suggested instead to use sand to all over the lawn which would make bermudagrass fill the bald spots.

Can you please help what I need to get my lawn on par with my neighbors? I do not want a golf course lawn, but just ok type lawn. Attached please see the pictures and let me know what steps I need to do.

As for my capabilities: I do not have a truck so I am restricted with hauling big loads. I can do manual work, break a sweat, with proper guidance. I am bit hesitant to do something in haste and repent later.

Attached please see the pictures and appreciate any suggestions how to go about.

Front yard:

side yard

back yard

back yard 2

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