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Glassware in drawers...need suggestions!

jojo 1355
7 years ago

We're just about to lock down our KD. We will have no upper cabinets, but will have a 30" tall pantry cabinet and a 27" tall microwave cabinet that will have a cabinet above it and a 6-12-12 drawer stack below. Other than that we'll have 2 36" 6-12-12 drawer stacks. A 27" 6-12-12 drawer stack. A 14" 6-12-12 stack. 2 12" pull outs, one for trash and one for oils/spices. Then of course above the fridge. We're also adding a 5 X 5 mudroom. I have a space allotted for most items, except the glassware! Can I put my drinking/juice glasses and coffee mugs in a 12" deep drawer? Or will they be too low? Is there a shallow roll out I could use on top for short glasses?

Thanks!! Any pictures would be great too!!

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