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Is it better for carpet or wood floor to smell like pee?

7 years ago

My kitty pees on the family room floor. I've tried everything possible to control this but it's not working. Right now I have an area rug there and so that smells like pee and the room smells like pee. I've tried various sprays to cover up the smell but none have sufficed. I'm going to continue to try to work on this problem with her, but I'm trying to figure out my options if she continues. We're guessing she's about 12 years old, so I could have her for a few more years.

So I could keep the rug until she's gone and have a room that smells like pee. Or I could get rid of the rug, but then she would pee on the wood floor and wouldn't that ruin the floor? And wouldn't the pee smell then become ingrained in the wood which would be even harder to get rid of than a carpet? Any other advice?

Again, I'm still working to solve the problem, but if we can't, I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle her peeing inappropriately.

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