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Puppy peeing on wood floors - is it my floor cleaner?

14 years ago

We're trying to house train our 10 week old puppy. So far she has learned that when we go outside, she should pee/poop. But she doesn't seem to fully understand yet that she shouldn't go inside.

We have her confined to our kitchen / dining room / entry area, which is hardwood floors with throw rugs. When she eliminates in the house, it is always on the wood floor - never on the rugs. So I am wondering if there is something in my wood cleaner that is triggering an elimination response. I know you shouldn't use any ammonia-based products, but the ingredient list for my (AquaShine) cleaner looks like this: water, 7732-18-5; Propanol 67-63-0; Glycol Ether of Poly 9016-45-9. It is a no-rinse cleaner, but I am going to start rinsing to see whether that helps.

Anyone else found this to be a problem? Or know, specifically, some ingredients to stay away from, or a wood floor cleaner that will not encourage my puppy to pee on the floor? I know it could just be my puppy's preference for this surface over another surface, but I definitely want to check this out so I'm not sabataging my house training efforts.

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