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Fortune's Double Yellow: Questions about growing in zone 7b

8 years ago

I planted a small band of Fortune's Double Yellow three years ago. I guessed I was zone-pushing a bit since the Antique Rose Emporium specifies this rose for zones 8-9 and I am in 7b. Still, I had to have it. I planted the rose where I thought it would receive some protection from the effects of winter. It is situated about twenty feet behind a big old juniper in what used to be my compost pit. It has grown to approximately 7 x 5 feet so far. It suffered a little die back after each winter but not very much. And lost, perhaps, two-thirds of its leaves. It is very healthy, very vigorous. No blooms the second year. Now, in its third year, it has four blooms/buds. One nice fat one at the top and the other three down very low, practically inside the bush.

I am patient. I understand I may have to wait more years and experience different winters to learn how this rose will perform in my garden. But I am curious too, if anyone has thoughts/guesses about how this warm climate rose will Bloom in my pretty-warm-but-also-cold climate in years to come. I am remembering (and sorry if my memory is slightly inaccurate) Mariannese mentioning a rose she grows/grew that was for a climate warmer than her own and that it didn't ever bloom much, and the blooms it did produce were quite low on the plant. Will an otherwise healthy rose be reluctant to bloom if the winters it lives through are colder than it really likes?

Thank you for your thoughts.

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