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what to plant with Azalea 'My Mary' in zone 7b

18 years ago

Under the front window of a house facing north and in zone 7b (winter) 8 (summer), I want to plant some dwarf and semi dwarf azaleas that bloom nicely in contrast to each other.

A 'My Mary' yellow blooming deciduous azalea will be planted at the Northeast corner of that house and possibly evergreen dwarfs could be planted to curve around the 'My Mary' to contrast with the yellow blooming taller deciduous azalea.

then maybe about 5 semi dwarfs could be arranged just to the right of those azaleas. These would be under a window and flanked on their right with a bed of small shade loving shrubs, ferns, and plants along with a slow growing verigated colors (light yellows, redish pink, white, bluish green) leaf Japanese maple tree.

All the azaleas except the 'My Mary and a few of the dwarfs will be in full shade. So dark colored bloomers and leafed varieties probably should be avoided, since they appear even darker in the shade.

Can any one suggest which cultivars would be most likely to survive and look the best in contrast to the yellow blooming 'My Mary' and the Japanese maple tree.

I plan to provide proper drainage, and to plant them all in a bed of mulched, 6 inch deep moistened Sorghamn Peat moss.

So the flowers can be noticed from the street, am I thinking right about needing to use ligher, brighter bloomers, maybe even whites in the darker, full shade area?

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