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Help me with Bar Pull Placement!

7 years ago

So we are almost done with this kitchen. Not really but we are at least almost done with the cabinets. Cab guy just needs to come back one more time to install molding, magic corners and cabinet pulls. So yesterday I tortured hubby on a Sunday by contemplating pull placement for 2 hours. He's got the patience of a saint! Anyhoo, we are set on horizontal placement on the uppers and the drawers (obviously) but aren't sure whether to go with the smaller or more medium size pull. Or do we mix sizes (some small/some medium depending on cab/drawer size? we were even considering going with 3 sizes so that we could do a large pull (11") on the larger drawers) I've posted pics below and would love to hear advice. Also, we were thinking of doing the pulls vertically on the lower cabinets but after seeing breezy's kitchen in THIS thread, we are considering going horizontal on the lower cabs too. Thoughts? Advice? Thank you!

This is the smaller pull (almost 5.5"):

This is the medium pull (almost 8"):

This is the smaller pull on a drawer:

This is the medium pull on a drawer:

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