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Placement for grab bar(s) in tub/shower combo

9 years ago

We are re-doing the shower tile in our bathroom and figure that now is the time to add a grab bar(s) if we'll need one in the future. I've managed to find some attractive looking ones that don't scream "old person in an institution". I just am trying to decide where to mount it.

This is a standard size bath/shower combo, and it is a pretty deep tub--perhaps 18". I also want to put in a shower niche. So, where and how and at what angle do I mount the grab bar? And, how long of a bar do I want?

I hope someone here knows the answer. Some of the web sites I have come across have suggestions for bars for people who really need them now and need lots of bars. We just want to have something in place as a precaution, not a super set-up for someone who is already disabled and/or very elderly.


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