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What type of soil should I buy for salvia plants and can I winter 'em?

7 years ago

Hey all, new gardener here so first off sorry for the rookie questions. At my house in N Seattle, there are a pair (or more?) of Anna's hummingbirds that nest in my immediate area. I don't get great sun in my yard, but my larger deck gets full sun the majority of the day. I bought some Hot Lips salvia a few days ago as I read hummingbirds enjoy them, and I'm planning on putting them in some containers on my deck.

Reading the care for instructions, it says Hot Lips will need well draining soil. Most potting soil I've used in the past for various annuals seems to really hold in the moisture, which is clearly not what I need for this plant. Can anyone tell me what ingredients I want to look for on the various potting soil bags for well draining soil, or even what ingredients I want to avoid?

Also I've read that Hot Lips salvia has some success with surviving the winters in Seattle. Is this possible in a container/planter box? I've recently started to build my own cedar planters (planter below is 4'x1'x1'), any ideas on the dimensions if I want to build one for Hot Lips salvia that will hopefully survive our winters here in Seattle. Deeper is better I'd guess? And lastly, any suggestions how would I winter proof it? Maybe cover the soil with plastic so it doesn't become water logged, or move the planter into my garage, or just leave it as is on my deck?

Again sorry for all the newbie questions, trying to learn all this and it can be a bit overwhelming.

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