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Please Help! Something is killing my trees (photos)

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hi. I have two wonderful Wax Myrtles adorning ether side of my front yard. I have had them for about 7 years and they have been perfect and healthy every year. I keep them well groomed in a mushroom cut. I was away from home for a week and on returning noticed a large thin and browning area on each of the trees. Lot's of dead and missing leaves. On close inspection I can see something is living/growing on the small branches that are up top and make up the canopy. They are round, kind of coffee-bean shaped nodules all over the branches. They are not on the lower branches or trunks. Please, if anyone has any ideas I would be so appreciative. I have attached pics of the up-close growths as well as a wider shot showing the larger area, and also a pic showing the trees at peak health . I have searched the web for 3 days now, hours each day to no relief. I have called some local tree services but they mainly do tree removal. No real arborists around. Thanks so much...

(You can click on the image to enlarge & get a really close view of whats on the branches. The unaffected areas of the tree are just smooth bark w/o these things)

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