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Apricot tree flowered pink? Can any body help ID this tree

mattpf (zone4)
7 years ago

Looks just like color of peach blossom but I live in an area peach can't grow and I've rarely seen apricots grow here it's zone 3/4 but in the area this tree is maybe warmer very sheltered .two years ago this tree fruited heavily I never seen the blossoms before but I have tasted a lot of the fruit they are very small fruit all yellow no orange at all and they taste sweet if left on the tree till ripe . I'd say ok for fresh eating . We live in an area only hardy apricots survive and we are lucky to get fruit every couple years here .usually we grow mancurian strains I am driving myself crazy doing research now finding out what this tree is .all the flowers I seen on the apricots that can grow up here are white. I think it's a Chinese strain it's sweet I don't think its a prunus Manchuria Strian and from research I think it maybe pioneer Chinese or some hybrid seedling from that strain . Can anybody tell me if they have pink flowers like this and get heavy crops and small yellow sweet tasting fruits ..


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