What are the appropriate contributions for the Minister, Soloist?


My Mother died late last week and her funeral is tomorrow. I am trying to determine what is the appropriate contribution amounts for those officiating or contributing to the service. What is an appropriate amount for the minister, soloist, and organist? I am in MN if that makes any difference.

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I just looked this one up:

Ceremony musicians performing in a group may be tipped $5-$10 per hour per person. Ceremony soloists tips may be $35-75.

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The OP didn't get a timely reply and while this won't help them, but if others look at this as a reference in the future, they should understand that a tip is a gratuity added on to the fee in the same way a tip at a restaurant would not pay for your meal.

Clergy may be provided or members of the church (or generally) without charge. The musicians may be paid by the church or by the family. In that case, a tip might be appropriate, but I can't vouch for the tips in the link above.

For both my mother's and father's services, the church did not charge for their services but musicians were additional. We made a donation to the church. I think my father's was not directed, but when he passed, I directed our donation to services for the elderly and those in need. I would expect $50-100 to be fairly minimal for clergy or musicians generally and perhaps The organist and soloist at my mother's service had established fees of $150-300. The musicians at my dad's service were my two sons. They played to honor their grandfather and I did not pay them, but I did pay for some audio equipment we needed for the outdoor service and they kept the equipment for future uses. That was about $150.

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