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Am I on the right track?

9 years ago

This picture was taken last fall when framing was almost finished. It is a walk out and this side faces a small lake. I am looking for some help or suggestions for how to finish the look.

It is kinda of hard to tell, but the windows are red aluminum clad. And yes, there are a bunch of them but the house was designed to take advantage of the lake views.

The tower looking structure is my husband's "light house", we envision putting real stone on this from top to bottom. The stone that we have selected is primarily tan/copper/grey colors. The same stone would go on the fireplace stack that you can barely see behind a tree.

Next to the lighthouse (left) there will be a drop down screened in porch. There will be a step down from this porch, to a deck that will be supported by big timbers. You can see a door that seems to go nowhere, that will also lead to the step down deck.

Our conceptual drawings also include some "timber element" in the two peaks, just haven't made a decision on how they should look.

We have tentatively selected a metal roof. It looks like shake (has the stone chips), and is a weathered timber color.

Also attached is my inspiration photo. I love everything about this picture. And I would really like to emulate the feeling of mountain charm that it gives me. What I am concerned about is that it has wavy pine board siding, which my husband would literally jump off of his lighthouse about. Would it be possible to stagger a hardie board type product and achieve this effect? For example 5 inch to 2 inch pattern of some kind? Or use hardie shingle or board and batten look?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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