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Updated - New Direction. Am I On The Right Track?

26 days ago
last modified: 15 days ago

Hi there,

I'd love your help, thoughts and advice.

My home office is a blank slate. Currently - Dark wood floors (jacobean stain), cream paint on the walls (from the previous house owner). It's pretty much the last space in our house that hasn't been touched in the time since we moved in 7 years ago.

I like color and would not like a neutral room. I'm in a creative profession and like to work in a room with fun energy. I also do a lot of work Zooms so I want what's behind me to look pretty and pulled together.

My office is up on the 2nd floor. It's small (10x11) but nice and bright (one big window facing SW). I like my desk in front of the window, so I sit looking out. In this design the wall of new bookshelves/cabinets would be directly behind me when seated at my desk.

I've put together a room design board with my selections so far but before I pull the trigger and make purchases I'd love your thoughts/advice.

Here are some thoughts:

- The room needs a lot more storage. I will be installing a wall of built-in white cabinets (a row of Ikea Billy Oxberg book shelves arranged like in the photo and made to look built-in with trim) along the entry door wall (the paint color will be seen above the built-ins and alongside the right end beside the entry door). Above the shelves/cabinets will be gold tone picture lights.

- The lavender chair and white desk I already own and want to keep and use them.

- I'm comfortable with a deep./saturated wall color as there will be a ton of white in the room (a full wall of white book shelves/cabinets, white ceiling, 2 white doors, white trim).

- I want to add a chair-and-a-half (with a twin sofa bed inside) to the space in case I need extra sleeping space for guests. I'm unsure what color for the chair - I'm thinking a light neutral tan?

- Most of the artwork I will hang has black frames with white mattes (like in the photo).

- I have no idea what to do about window dressing?

- Would you paint the back of the bookshelves a color or leave them white?

- Is the rug too much? Should I do something different? I'm trying to bring it all together.

What do you think? What would you do differently?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

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