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Kitchen layout review please! Plans are 90% done :)

8 years ago

I am helping my parents design a modular reverse living
beach house and would appreciate feedback on the kitchen layout. They are in their early 60s and hope to
retire at the new house in the next 5-7 years.
Until retirement, the house will be used heavily by immediate family as
a vacation home with the possibility of some light renting to people we know or
friends of friends.

My parents have 4 grown children (ages 24-32) with 2 significant others, plus one toddler grandchild, another on the way, and a 50 lb family dog. The house will be primarily used by this group of 10 people, sometimes all at once, and the group will likely grow over time. Visits will mostly be long weekends, but there will be a full week or two here and there. Once my parents move in full time, they will still have frequent visitors, mostly from the same group.

3 family members are cooking enthusiasts and enjoy preparing elaborate meals, often working together at the same time. The rest of the family has more of a grab-and-go cooking/eating style. I am trying to design the kitchen to allow non-cooks to snack and interact with the cooks without clogging up the work space.

It's hard to tell from the plans, but the kitchen/dining room is vaulted. A roof deck sits directly on top of the living room, and there are windows looking down from the roof deck into the kitchen/dining room.

Our goal is to maximize communal areas where we spend most of our time. We don't mind having smaller bedrooms and bathrooms, as we don't spend much time there. Based on past vacations we've shared, I expect the vast majority of time to be spent in the kitchen/dining room/living room/upper deck area.

Sorry for the sloppy plans. We haven't received revised floor plans from the builder yet, so I had to resort to whiteout to make updates.

I'd love to hear what you think! How can we improve?

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