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Bin pulls, bar pulls, and knobs! Oh my!

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Yes, another thread about hardware!

Okay, I need suggestions for kitchen hardware that will keep your fingers off the cabinets so projection out from the cabinet is important. Also, what are your thoughts on bin pulls? Will they cause noticeable wear where your fingers touch? Just trying to keep grubby hands off my white cabinets. :) I have a more dull finish and my carpenter is warning me that it can possibly be more difficult to clean. ( Having regrets there but what is done is done.)

Also, design-wise I have soapstone and walnut countertops and medium hickory floors. My appliances are stainless so I would like either stainless or satin nickel ideas.

At first I was leaning towards the bar pulls but more recently I am liking the bin pulls. I have three sections of 3 stacked 36" cabinets and am a bit concerned that the hardware could look like too much in that area. The carpenter drew each of those drawers with two bin pulls and they look good on paper. I am afraid that the longer bar pulls might be too many long handles in a row? Also, as much as I love the look of the exposed screws, my carpenter said it would extend cost so I am not going with those. Finally, I was eyeing some from RH but the sale just went off so not sure I will do those anymore. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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