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To Fava or not to Fava?

9 years ago

For my cooking/recipe club, I'm preparing Braised Lamb Shanks with Spring Vegetables. The spring vegetables called for are baby carrots, new potatoes, and a few fresh fava beans. I spent yesterday in The Big City going from grocery to grocery and found only dried fava beans - no frozen and no fresh (out of season for fresh, I think).

I know nothing about fava beans and I am not a fan of beans in general. I've read that I need to soak these overnight, peel off the husk, and then cook. I suppose I would then add the beans to my final dish.

Would you bother or would you just omit the beans? Would they add that much?

btw, one of the "rules" of the club is no ingredient substitutions. So my choice is fava beans or no fava beans, not a different type of bean.

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