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More questions on undermount sink to granite

9 years ago

Sorry, I couldn't locate my old thread where I asked this earlier .I just picked up my new granite vanity top and need to attach the ceramic undermount sink. I previously asked about this and the sink harness was suggested. It seems like a good idea, but do I need it?

When I picked up the top, she explained that they have drilled holes in the granite and screw threads have been inserted in the holes. All I have to do it use the clips and use the included bolts with wing tops to attach them. I assume some silicone should also be used, but more for water leakage than attachment.

Is this ok? Can i just put a bit of silicone and then attach the clips, screw them in and it's good to go? It sound like I could do this before or after installing the top on the vanity.

Also, since the vanity is between two walls, there is nowhere for the counter to move, except forward. With the granite being heavy is there really a need to even glue it down to the cabinet? If it's not glued then it would be so much easier if we ever had to remove the top for some reason. Can't we just set it in place as it will be locked in on three sides by a wall, and there will be a bead of caulk or something along the edges where it meets the wall.

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