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Squash Resistant to Squash Bug and Squash Vine Borer

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

According to Jay White at Texas A&M University, Calabacita (Tatume squash) is s Bug and s Borer resistant. If any have experience that differs, please advise.

I have purchased Calabacita at Wal*m. I like to use them to core and stuff. They are very tasty. Well, they are a little bland versus the yellow crookneck I like to use for stuffing, but obviously, I cannot core most of the other resistant varieties that are suggested. I hope this one truly is. I can only guess by the article that its survival rate is dependent upon its aggressive growth rate - not unlike Old Timey Cornfield Pumpkin.


"Many seed catalogs list it as 'Tatume'or 'Tatuma' but I have also seen
it listed as round zucchini and Mexican zucchini. In the markets of
Mexico, it is most often called calabacita (little pumpkin, or

"..... usually almost immune to the squash borer insect (Melitta curcurbitae, a clear-wing moth), which makes it a reliable garden vegetable in infested areas."

'Tatume': The Squash of Many Names

Just for interest, here is Malcolm Beck's story of pampering his pumpkin vines for a contest. Interestingly, his pumpkin plants were not attacked by SB until maturity where the leaves were spent. He confirms what Dawn writes about healthy plants' immunities.

The Dirt Doctor: A Malcolm Beck Story

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