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Anyone built the "eisenhower" feedback?

My hubby and I have purchased property (8.5 acres) and are hoping to build in the next 12 months, we know that we have to stay as close to the 2000sq ft mark as possible for budget purposes. (heck not even sure that is feasible at the moment, feeling a little overwhelmed).

We have 2 kids 1 boy (3) and 1 girl (8). I want to modify this plan to House plans and more Eisenhower to include 3ft doorways/hallways for aging in place is VERY important to me. Here are some of my thoughts..I would draw it up except i don't know how or don't have software to do it. I wish i could just cut/rotate floor plans till my hearts content.

OK back to the current floor plan/thoughts. I want to make the 4th bedroom space the family office for the time being but want to move the family bathroom from between bedrooms 2/3 to be off bedroom 4 with access from the hallway for everyone else and make it fully ADA. Or at least built with the idea that we may need to put in grab bars etc. I would change the powder room to a mud room. And I'm not one to really need a sitting area in my master bedroom so that would likely all be closet.

I guess really looking at this plan there are things I like, (size, craftsman details, split bedrooms, laundry room close to master bedroom, though i would like it on the outside wall to more easily vent the dryer.) but there is a lot i would change, I don't need the door to the deck in the master. Ideally the screened porch would be more a 3 season room so that if we have a large family gathering we could open the great rooms space into this space for flow which makes me question the placement of the fireplace on that wall.

I don't quite know what to do with the 'coffee corner' I would likely shift the kitchen towards that and use that to make the eating area larger and square it vs the current shape. We don't do formal so I don't need a formal dining space.

I wish there were a coat closet closer to then entry door.

We would like to have wood floors except for tile or vinyl in bathroom and probably carpet in the kids rooms. No granite/stainless steel. I would like the 'solid surface' type counter in the kitchen but that will quickly be downgraded to a laminate counter top for cost.

I don't know that we really 'need' a 3 car garage as we already have a 30x70 pole barn on our property just on the other side of where we foresee placing the house. Any thoughts would be appreciated. At times I am so excited by the thought of building, and then as I am trying to pack and get our current house ready to list i get myself overwhelmed, and frustrated b/c I just don't know how we can make the numbers work. I'm not opposed to sweat equity, I would actually like to be very active in the building process but I'm a nurse by trade, (insert anal perfectionist) and a quick learner.

Any words of encouragement appreciated too!.

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