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Has anyone built a Connor (mill built) home?

12 years ago

Hello! Hubby and I purchased the property of our dreams last year (nearly 7 acres with a wonderful water view) and hope to build a New England coastal style cottage (weathered grey shingle with white trim, 1 1/2 to 2 stories). About a week ago, while thumbing through an old issue of "New Old House" magazine I stumbled across an ad for a company called Connor Homes in Vermont that specializes in beautiful reproductions of classic New England architecture. Hubby and I spent too many hours this weekend looking at their website - the homes look so wonderful (great attention to trim work) and we are intrigued by the "panelized" construction. Certainly sounds like a good idea. Has anyone here had a Connor home built or know of a friend or family member who has had one built? What was the good, the bad and the ugly? Or does anyone know of some similar companies that we should look into? We live in Washington state, and realize the shipping costs could run up to $50,000, but that cost might be offset by the faster build and the knowledge we'll end up with a home we really love.

Thanks! I know we'll be spending lots of time on this forum over the next several years.... :-)

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