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Have you ever made cake pops?

9 years ago

I have a little cake pop machine/maker I tried it for the first time last night with a recipe I found on pinterest for pop makers. Well, they didn't turn out well at all. First batch was under cooked and runny, I cooked them 5 min and let them cook 4 more and all they did was pop open and crack. Today I made a cake from a mix and made a few pops and they turned out fine but when I stuck a wooden skewer in them (I didn't have any of the pop sticks) they fell off the stick and poked right through. I did add the chocolate to the stick first. Now I am thinking I should just try the regular cake pops where you crumble up the cake and add icing into the cake. Have you made any of these and what and I doing wrong or should I just use the crumb method?

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